UPDATES Operation Hours as of 4-16-2020 - Monday Hours as Follows

Rittman Office:

Monday: Senior Citizens: 8am-9am  All Others: 9:00am - 12:00pm & 2:30pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday: Senior Citizens: 8am-9am  All Others: 9:00am - 12:00pm & 2:30pm - 6:30pm

During this time No New Personal Injury or Workers Comp Patients

New Patients will be worked in as time permits in our daily schedule

Kidron Office:

Tuesday: 2pm - 6pm - Starting May 19th, 2020

Thursday: Senior Citizens: 9am-10am  All Others: 10:00am - 12:00pm & 2:30pm - 6:30pm

During this time No New Personal Injury or Workers Comp Patients

New Patients will be worked in as time permits in our daily schedule

All Nutrition Patients or People wishing to Purchase Standard Process Products or have Phone Consults, call 330-304-7215, if we are not available, LEAVE A MESSAGE Please. Calls WILL BE Returned shortly or by the next morning.  Shipping & Delivery available. CLICK HERE for Immune Support Supplements to help support your immune system response.

ALL OTHERS Please Read Below before booking your next appointment

March 22, 2020


To All Our Dear Patients!


I wanted to take a moment to speak to you, from my heart to yours. You all know that I care deeply for you, so I am writing to bring you all up to speed on what we know, “right now”! First, I have NOT shut down our office! I know that the concern is greater now for all of us in these current days, but I ALSO know how important it is to keep our bodies’ nervous system functioning at its optimal best, to help “weather the storms”. I HAVE however, using wisdom, arranged for implementing specific steps to raise the standard even more than our already great standards and the following measures will continue through at Least April 10, 2020, unless something changes or they shut us down (By the way, we’ve always sanitized but we have stepped that up even more too and we will be needing your specific cooperation in regard to helping us with this!):


1.  We will make sure to schedule appointments a little farther apart, to reduce people “getting too close to each other” and that no more than 10 of us are in the office at one time. This ALSO means that I must have YOUR cooperation in SEVERAL ways:

A> PLEASE be on time for your appointments so we don’t “bump into” the next persons’  appointment time. (Call if you are going to be late and the staff will advise you.)

B> PLEASE call ahead and TELL THE FRONT DESK if there have been ANY CHANGES in your (or your families’) health, or if you have had ANY type of incident, NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR INCIDENTAL you may think it is! This has actually been in place for quite some time. (Those of you who call in for appointments know my staff usually asks YOU about this when you call in. My staff asks you about this once you get in a room, too) If I need to sit down with you in your room, to get clarity about what happened to your body, it cuts down on the time I have with you before it would bump in to the next persons’ appointment time. Respect others. This means taking the time to think about what your body has been through so you can remember and report BEFORE you come in for your appointment (not while on the table and THEN remember something important.) J I know it can be cumbersome, but please help us work together to be able to continue serving you all with excellence. It is possible we may have to change your appointment time if I need more time with you than was given to you. Please be understanding of this!

C> PLEASE don’t assume you can “just walk-in”. This one is hard but, we simply can’t allow “walk-ins” right now. THAT being said, it does NOT prevent you from sitting outside in your car and calling us to see if it is OK to come in! It may be that we just ask you to wait until you see someone leave our office and then you can come in but you must let us know of any new incidents, just as we have stated!

D> If someone comes with you that is not getting adjusted, please do not let them come in our office.     Let them stay in the car while the patient(s) getting adjusted comes in.

E> Please take off your shoes and leave them in the waiting room before coming back for your  adjustment and make sure you have clean socks on.

F> Use the sanitizing wipes at the front desk to wipe your hands and the door handle coming in, as well as using one on the door handle when you leave. Take the wipe with you as you leave, to dispose of in outside street trash cans.

2.  For our SENIOR CITIZENS (60+) who need to come in, we are taking a cue from some of the grocery stores. The first hour we are open will be devoted to seeing only YOUR age group! We know this is early for some of you but this is the best time to give you all.  Again, appointments will be spread out to help cut down on “overcrowding”.  That being said, the SAME standards apply as stated in the information contained in this letter. Please communicate with us and follow our procedures. (Am I sounding like a “drill sergeant” yet? Sorry, but it’s for everyone’s best)

3.  What ARE our hours going to be? For many reasons, I feel it is best to offer modified hours. One reason is to control ALL of our time in the public. I also want to help us to ensure that I and the staff will have ample time to rest and care for ourselves as well, so WE can continue to be here for YOU and stay healthy.J

            a. Current hours are as follows and begin Wednesday, March 25, 2020:

                        For Senior Citizens:

                        Wednesdays from 8-9am - Rittman   /   Thursdays from 9-10am - Kidron

Anyone who has had a new incident since their last visit, that puts them in to “new active care” and NOT wellness, will need to let the front desk know by calling in so we can be ready to do any exam or X-ray that would be necessary, in order to report it to your Medicare so your adjustment is covered. We MUST HAVE advance notice, otherwise we WILL NOT be able to render services that day !!

                        For All other patients:

                        Wednesdays from 9-12:30pm & 2:30-6:30pm - Rittman   /   Thursdays from 10-12:30pm & 2:30-6:30pm - Kidron


We will be suspending all planned exams and X-rays for those on a care plan currently and JUST doing adjustments. However, if needed, X-ray services will be available. If you have had any kind of incident that might require an X-ray, CALL FIRST and allow my staff and I to help you determine this and advise you further.

4.  At this time, we will not be accepting any new patients during these patient hours because they are devoted to you. If I need to see a new patient, they will be scheduled at another time, IF we can accommodate them. They will need to call the emergency number to see what we can do (330-304-7215).

5.  All Massage services will be halted for now through 4/10/2020. If you have purchased any kind of special for massage in our office, we will accommodate you as soon as possible in honoring the special.

6.  IF YOU, ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY OR ANYONE LIVING UNDER YOUR ROOF start to exhibit ANY SYMPTOMS of ANY ILLNESS, PLEASE DO NOT COME IN OUR OFFICE! Also, Please be responsible to take your temperature within one hour of coming in our office. If you CANNOT take your temperature, we will do it here, but we really prefer that you do it yourself so we have less sanitation to concern ourselves with by using our “Head-reading” digital thermometer. I cannot see you if you have a fever over 100F.

7.  If you have been travelling outside of our county (interacting with others) and/or if you have been in ANY group setting of more than 10 people, please wait to come in for 14 days past returning home (or being in the group) and you and your family/residents are still symptom free.

8. I and my staff WILL, for the first time in my 20 year career, be using gloves while we serve you. Our poor hands are getting raw with all the hand washing after EVERY patient encounter. Please bear with us. We will be changing our gloves after every patient/family encounter/adjustment.

9.  If you have nutrition products you need, or are interested in getting some, please call the emergency line (330-304-7215) and Paul will take care of you.  Nutrition will be either shipped or delivered if time permits.

PLEASE, understand if we make the decision to not be able to serve you when looking at possible exposures that may make it necessary to reschedule your visit.  I do also have my 80 year old mother living with us, who has other health risk factors as well and I am trying to control exposure to her as well, when I go home after serving you all.

If you have ANY questions about whether you should come in, or whether we are here, etc., PLEASE CALL FIRST! We will update our “ability to serve” each day and if we have to close, we will call those on the schedule already and update our answering machine message to keep you in the loop as much as we can.


We will be praying for all of you and we ask the same of you for us. We continue to trust God that we will all get through this together, and, we will continually praise God for His goodness and provision!

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