Raise Your Shield

The body’s enemies take on many forms — stress, seasonal changes, environmental contaminants. They’re virtually everywhere, hoping to capitalize on a moment of weakness. It’s a fight that never stops. It’s a fight that we want to win.

Though we can’t make the immune system invincible to these pressures, we can make it more prepared. Standard Process and MediHerb® offer a number of products that support your immune system.


Paul & Dr. Eash have been on these four products below since January, and since Mid February, we have more than doubled our daily doses to help our immune system be at its optimal best.  We currently, up through posting this on 3/23/20, have showed no signs of the Covid-19 Virus and have not been sick this winter at all.  We take these products 4 times a day at various doses while we are working in/with the public. If you are looking for Natural, Whole Food Supplements to support your immune system, call 330-304-7215 today.  We have limited supplies and are constantly placing "Back-Orders" on their immune support products.

Immune Products are in Limited Supplies due to high demand. We currently DO HAVE THEM in stock

Supplement Descriptions:  CLICK ON PRODUCTS for more details on Product

                 Calcium Lactate: Source of easily absorbed Calcium to support

                 Immune function, mineral imbalance, tissue repair and glandular                   hyperactivity. Also builds blood calcium reserves.


                  Congaplex®: Supports Immune system to fight congestion and                          non-specific infection. Can be used in higher amounts for acute                        stages of colds, flu, and fever. Great for children.


                  Echinacea Premium: Enhance immune system function, support                      and promote normal interferon production, support and promote                    healthy white blood cells, encourage healthy upper respiratory                        tissue, support and maintain healthy throat tissue, stimulate the                    body’s normal tissue support and renewal function.


                  Thymex®: Supports Thymus function. Provides Immune support,                      Thyroid support, and can assist in relief and repair of skin                                  conditions and chronic infection issues. Different extraction                              process than Thymus PMG.